Stacy Davis

Special Events Administration

Stacy is a Front End Engineer with a background in front end development and design. Stacy has a passion for learning and enjoys being a part of Girl Develop It due to the encouragement, environment and education provided. Stacy enjoys travelling, cooking, and drawing when she is not coding.

Stephanie O’Neill

Director of Digital Communications

As Director of Digital Communications for GDI Minneapolis, Stephanie manages our social media accounts and email campaigns. Her interest in coding began when she had an idea for a website. Starting with online tutorials, she quickly learned she loved web development and wanted to make it her career. Stephanie became a student in the Web Developer program at Riverland Community College and began taking GDI classes. She will complete the Web Developer Associate of Applied Science degree and Web Page Design and Social Media Marketing certificates when she completes her program next spring. Stephanie also holds a B.A. in Psychology from Hamline University.

Amy Gebhardt

Director of Strategic Partnership

Amy is a Web Application Developer with a traditional Computer Science background and passion for technology, learning, and people. With a history of full-stack roles, she’s managed to avoid choosing between client-side and server-side allowing her to establish a skill-set in a variety of languages from C# to PHP to CSS to JavaScript. As a 30 out of 30 on the Myers Briggs extroversion scale, Amy loves to get involved with local MeetUps, attend conferences, and lead the Minneapolis Girl Develop It chapter.

Rachel Walwood

Rachel is a Web Developer with a background in UX design and Product Management, and a proud graduate of Flatiron School’s online full stack bootcamp. Rachel is a passionate problem solver, whether the problem is one code can help with, or one that requires rolling up her sleeves and pulling out a hammer and nails. Having entered the world of development sideways through the roles many in the software industry consider more ‘traditionally female’, Rachel is dedicated to helping other women build the skills and confidence necessary to dive into software development no matter their background or current title.

Susan Metoxen

Susan is the Director of Student Programming for Girl Develop It Minneapolis and one of the chapter founders. She is a web, iOS, and Android developer and is the owner of White Buffalo, a small company based in Hopkins, MN that develops websites and apps for clients. In 2012 she left her employer of 26 years, Medica (a large regional health plan in the upper midwestern US) in order to pursue her passion for programming full-time. Susan specializes in making responsive websites and apps for both iOS and Android.

In addition to Susan’s more recent work in developing apps and website, she has thirty years of experience in health care administration and compliance, Medicaid managed care, provider relations, and hospital accounts receivable. She has an M.B.A. from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota, and a B.A. from Calvin College in Grand Rapids Michigan.

Molly Young

Director of Special Events

Molly is the Director of Special Events for Girl Develop It Minneapolis. She is a creative marketer and business development specialist from Saint Paul. Molly has a love for anything tech, a knack for problem solving, and a fondness of connecting people. After her first HTML/CSS class, Molly was hooked; participating in the first Front-End Developer Series, and eager to become more involved with GDI. In her free time, Molly enjoys car shows, preparing taxes, her dogs and axolotl, craft cocktails, and making things.