With each season of GDI Minneapolis classes and events comes the opportunity for us to partner with the best of the best in the Twin Cities. Our chapter and our mission would not exist without their generous support. Read below to find out who our biggest supporters are and be sure to check out all of our sponsorship opportunities.

LeadPages has hosted a few of our classes and most recently sponsored us at our annual Anniversary & Fundraising event as a Premier Sponsor. Their logo and location are quite familiar to the Twin Cities tech community – they are frequently supporting community organizations and MeetUps. Learn more about LeadPages

We promise you’ve never worked with anyone like us before. At LeadPages, we live and breathe our core values, we treat each other really well, and we love what we do – every day. We understand that the best company is only as great as the team behind it. That’s why we hire only the very best.

Horizontal Integration

As one of the largest Digital Agencies and Staffing firms in Minnesota, developers and designers are the lifeblood of our business. Mix that with our deep commitment to a diverse workforce and we are so proud to support Girl Develop It. Learn more about Horizontal Integration

Power Objects

Power Objects has been no stranger to our GDI chapter. Since the beginning, they’ve hosted 4 classes in addition to financially sponsoring our organization at our first anniversary event. This most recent season, Power Objects hosted our Front End Developer Series Kick-Off, Intro to Git, and our Intro to JavaScript classes. Their incredible space and amazing people easily make them one of our favorite sponsors. Their generosity and great taste in catering (we often get Pizza Luce or Qdoba when they do lunch) always exceed our expectations. Learn more about Power Objects

We are a company that truly believes you should love going in to work every day, and our workspaces and internal company events are a direct reflection of that ideology.

Improving was a Gold Sponsor for our 2016 Anniversary & Fundraising event. They also hosted our Intro to JavaScript class in July 2016. They spoiled our members with an endless supply of coffee, tea, and water in addition to providing lunch and snacks. We were so excited to introduce our students to this incredible organization. Learn more about Improving

Improving is a complete IT services firm, offering training, consulting, recruiting, and project services.Our culture encourages both the inspiration and motivation to achieve amazing things. We are constantly striving to live out our values of Excellence, Dedication, and Involvement through the foundation of trust.

One of the founders of GDI Minneapolis is a Senior back-end developer at Buzzfeed. She’s shared GDI’s mission with the Minneapolis president and they sponsored our 2015 Anniversary & Fundraising event as a Premier Sponsor. In 2016, they sponsored us at the same event as a Gold Sponsor. Learn more about Buzzfeed Minneapolis 

From the heart of Nordeast Minneapolis, dedicated to technology, we build the tools that bring you the Buzz!

3five sponsored our chapter at our 2016 Anniversary & Fundraising event as a Gold Sponsor. This was their first event getting involved with the GDI community and we’re thrilled to have them be part of it! Learn more about 3five

Founded in 2006, 3five is a digital design, development and marketing boutique focused on highly responsive customer service. We started 3five to compete with large agencies in an ever more digital world. We do this by focusing on technology and removing layers of separation between our clients and the employees who serve them.

App Data Room sponsored our chapter at our 2016 Anniversary & Fundraising event as a Gold Sponsor. This was their first event getting involved with the GDI community and they were eager to support us in every way they could. We’re pumped to have them on our list of sponsors. Learn more about App Data Room

There’s a collaborative openness at App Data Room that fosters leading edge tech with a serious wow factor. Our employees are smart, unique, consciously competent, engaged and respected.

Veritas hosted their first GDI class in July 2016. Our students loved the sponsored lunch, quiet space and welcoming hosts. We look forward to having future events in their incredible office! Learn more about Veritas 

Veritas has the privilege to help the world’s organizations – including 86% of the global Fortune 500 – collect, protect, analyze and optimize their data, even in the most demanding environments.


One of our local Chapter Leaders – Amy Gebhardt – is a software developer at Wand and you often can’t get her to stop talking about it. Wand is frequently looking for ways to support the local tech community and started getting involved with Girl Develop It in 2015 when they provided all of the food for the 2015 anniversary party. Since then, they’ve provided lunch for a few classes and in May 2016, they hosted our Intermediate JavaScript class in their new Eden Prairie office. Learn more about Wand

A top 100 company in Minnesota, Wand is focused on building a culture that combines innovative technology, high performance individuals, and a fun atmosphere.


As of the 2016 Winter season, WHCC has hosted 2 of our classes. Their fancy, technology-driven office is always a source of inspiration for our students and the tour of the on-site photography printing lab is guaranteed to be a hit. In March 2016, they hosted our Advanced HTML & CSS class as well as provided Caribou coffee, Chipotle, and Davanni’s. WHCC has certainly taken great care of our members! Learn more about WHCC

Ever since the beginning, we’ve been at the forefront of new technology. Our Designers and Engineers are always revolutionizing the way we do business.

General Mills - 2016 GDI Minneapolis Sponsor

General Mills has a stunning campus on the west side of the Twin Cities. They’ve been a consistent sponsor since our launch in 2014 and hosted our first and largest class of the 2016 Winter season. 56 students and volunteers gathered on January 23rd for an Intro to HTML & CSS class. In addition to providing a beautiful comfortable space, General Mills also paid for lunch for all attendees. Learn more about General Mills

General Mills is one of the largest consumer products manufacturers and marketers in the world, with over 100 brands that you – and millions of others – know and love.


Livefront and Smart Factory have been hosting our classes in their incredible space since Spring 2015. This past winter, they hosted our Intro to WordPress class and (as always with them) we were thrilled to offer our students such an inspirational space to learn. Learn more about Livefront

We’re sharp and self-motivated. We bend over backwards for our clients. We have each other’s back. We do what we say we are going to do. And at the end of the day, we push things forward.