GDI Minneapolis would not exist without the generous support of our sponsors. If you want to support women in technology and women transitioning into tech careers today, you can help us improve the technology industry’s diversity problem now. See who has supported our chapter.


Our biggest need is usually finding venues for classroom space. We like to offer a variety of schedules: some courses will be 10 hours over a weekend, while others are just 3 or 4 hours on a weekday evening. We tend to shoot for a count of 25-30 students – each will be coding along with the instructor and will need access to a desk space and power outlets.
We also have TAs who wander around during classes providing one-on-one help. Having enough space for our TAs to easily maneuver and offer guidance is important. Our instructor will also need the ability to project on a TV or screen.


Depending on the time or day of the event, our classes usually have a meal and beverages provided. In the past, the venue sponsor has provided this, but there’s no reason why it couldn’t be an additional organization.
We’ve typically kept things pretty simple such as bottled water, Jimmy John’s catering or even just a few pizzas. The budget typically ranges from $150 – $200 and we love our sponsors who also provide coffee for those early morning coding classes!


We intentionally do not schedule classes with a set start/end time until we have a confirmed venue in order to allow for some flexibility for our sponsor. Most weekend courses are 4-6 hours each day, while weekday evening courses tend to only be 3 hours.We hope that you will consider sponsoring a GDI Minneapolis class this year. Your investment in this organization attracts new employees, reflects positively on your reputation, and most importantly supports our mission of offering affordable and accessible opportunities for women in our community to learn to code.

We love our sponsors and we’re not afraid to show it! With your sponsorship, we’ll share some social media love as well as giving you the opportunity to speak to our event attendees during class. You’ll have the chance to meet them and tell them about your organization! If you are interested in sponsoring, have any questions, or would just like to chat about some other opportunities, please send an email to Kelsey Siqveland at