Get Published Workshop: Your resume or project on the World Wide Web

This class is held over two Tuesday evenings: August 4 and August 11. Each class is from 6:00 – 8:00pm When you register for this class you are automatically registered for both.

Class Description

After almost of year of Girl Develop It classes in Minneapolis, it is time to get your website up on the World Wide Web!  Using your resume or the project of your choice, this two-part class will give you the tools you need to publish. At the end of the course, everyone will have a website published and a url to send to your friends.

If you have a business, program, or cause you want to use for your website… that is great! We will work with that. If not, you can work on a Resume website. For a career in web development and design, a personal website is an opportunity to show your work to the world Here is the personal website of one of our teachers, CJ Sinner:

If you aren’t sure what you want to use for class, contact Susan Metoxen at for guidance before class.

At the first session we will talk about buying domains and hosting. We will guide you through a decision on what is right for you. There are free and low-cost options available. During class we will help you with your purchases (if you choose to make them) and make sure your hosting is connected to your domain. We will also guide you through our beautiful Resume Templates so you can start on your websites in class.

At the second session, we will work with you on polishing and publishing your website. We will conquer FTPing and will help you solve the various publishing challenges that can arise. The second session is a week later so there will have been time for the domain name servers to propagate to the world wide web. (Don’t worry if this doesn’t make sense yet–we will cover this in class.)

Download Templates

URL to Slides: