If you have an interest in volunteering with Girl Develop It, please complete this form!

Code & Coffee or Study Group Organizer

These type of organizers would find locations and plan the details of Code & Coffees or Study Groups. You would work directly with the possible venue and relay details to Event Plannerthe leadership team for adding to Meetup. You would be responsible for attending the event as well as being the spokesperson and main contact for the event for attendees.

Happy Hour & Social Event Planners

Occasionally we need volunteers to assist with planning social events as well as setting up happy hours. This person would work very closely with a committee from the leadership team and have assigned tasks based on the event. Possibly able to plan a Happy Hour event mostly independently as well.

Teacher’s Assistant (TA)

Volunteer OpportunitiesTA’s play a very important role with GDI Minneapolis and are usually needed the most. TA’s attend classes and assist students with questions they may have as they work through their lessons and exercises. They are a great resource for the Instructors to help lessen class interruptions.

Marketing & Social Networking

We currently do not need volunteers in this area, however, feel free to include it in your list anyways in the event this is needed in the future.


Being a mentor means that you would be a mentor for a student. There are occasional instances where we offer a mentor to our students. You would be available for the student to reach out to via email and possibly meet with the student once or twice a month depending on their situation. If you are really into helping others grow in the development world and being a helpful resource, this role is for you!