Teachers play a key role in Girl Develop It. If you are interested in teaching for our chapter, contact one of the chapter leaders and fill out this form.

Before Class:

1. Meet with TAs and the chapter leader before the first class. Provide guidance to the TAs on how you would like them to participate in class. The Chapter Leader will arrange the meeting.

2. Send an email to students prior to the first class. This email can include instructions, links, articles, or whatever else would be helpful to students before class. Chapter Leaders will provide an email list of students.

3. Girl Develop It has extensive curricula available on Github. Your chapter leader will provide you with a link to the curriculum.

4. Before the first class, send your class materials to amyg@girldevelopit.com, or if you are familiar, login to our website and upload your materials.

First Class:

Clarify the role of the TAs for the class, so that students know how to ask for help. The main responsibilities of a TA is to help students who raise their hands. This is important so that TAs do not appear to be hovering over the students, but will be quickly available if needed.

Students come to our classes with a variety of prior experiences with coding. For some students the material moves too quickly, and for some it moves to slowly. Our chapter will be experimenting with a system to allow students to show how they are feeling about the in class work. The students will display a green card if they feel like they are on track, a blue card if they want more challenge, and a red card if they want more help from the TA. Incorporate stretch goals into the curriculum and give those to students who need more challenge.

Last Class:

At the last hour of the last class, direct students to complete the on-line survey. You may want to leave the room for a few minutes. These surveys provide us with the ideas we need to improve our chapter and are very important to the growth of our chapter.

After Course is Complete:

After each class we will provide an opportunity to for teachers and TAs to participate in a post-class survey or meeting. We will also provide an opportunity to review the class evaluations.