TA’s (Teacher’s Assistant) play a key role in Girl Develop It. The role of TAs is to assist students in class, plan and lead Code and Coffee meetups, and provide feedback to chapter leaders.

Before Class:

Review the curriculum and participate in a meeting with the teacher. The teacher may have additional guidance for how they want you to participate in class.

During Class:

The main responsibilities of a TA is to help students who raise their hands. If someone looks confused but doesn’t speak up, ask if they need help and only offer it if they ask for it. We provide an empowering environment to learn and part of that is allowing the students to solve the problem on their own. Give them a chance to talk it out and discover how to solve the question they ask – please only touch their laptops if absolutely necessary.

Here are some additional considerations:

  • Try not to use acronyms or technical terms.
  • Assume the students are entry-level unless told otherwise.
  • If you don’t agree with something the teacher says, make a note to mention it to the teacher during a break, rather than during class.
  • Be familiar with the curriculum, and avoid introducting additional concepts beyond the curriculum.
  • Speak in a low tone as to not disrupt the surrounding students.

After each class we will provide an opportunity to for TAs to participate in a post-class survey or meeting. Feedback from the TAs is particularly important, because TAs will be familiar with the experiences of multiple students.